Frequently asked questions

Are there limits to the number of guests for booking a property?

It's depend of the property or the resorts that you want to book in Costa Rica. Each property has a maximum occupancy availability due to the beds offer. If you are a large groupe of guests (more than 25) the option that will be more adapted for you is a booking one resort that always accomodate your family and guests. But the best way is sending us an inquiery for find the best property and place to stay for your vacation in Costa Rica.

Do the home or resort rental price are different for each season?

Yes, all rental properties and hotels offer different price for each season or special vacation dates, like Christmas... Email us for more pricing information et don't forget that an early booking is the best way to have the best price and availibilities.

Are their tax and service charges for rentals or for hotel rooms?

Most rentals or hotels require a mandatory gouvernment tax and offer is not indiquated in the price that you see on the net. There a 13% tax for all rentals that is obligatory, other tax can be apply for your stay due to the location of the property. Contact us for to make inquiry for one of your prefered property and we will send you the total price for your stay with all tax that required by rentals.

Are there payment requirement due for my booking?

Yes, we take 50% of total price of booking for your vacation packages or your property rentals in order to confirm your reservation. The remaining 50% is due 90 days before your arrival dates. If you are within 90 days of your travel to Costa Rica, we ask payment us in full.

Are their tax and service charges for your vacation packages?

All our Costa Rica vacation packages include gouvernment tax and service tax, that is not usually the case for other vacation offers that you can find on the net.

How can I pay my reservation?

If you have a confirmation for your vacation package or your travel itinerary for Costa Rica, you can pay it by trasfer, Paypall. Other option of payment can be available, depending of reservation.

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